Flexible Data Control

Maximum Data Flexibility:


Parcel (Tax Key) Numbers are user-definable


Use Letters & Nos

User-defined separators

Left / Right / Decimal Justification


Track Payments and Calculations by


Charge Code

Tax Key No

Tax Ward


Charge Codes are User - Definable



Charge Interest

 Units of Measure


Single Pay

No Interest

Multiple Charge Code Formats



Interest Only

Multiple G/L accts


Define all the factors in discreet Data files.


These are real data files, not spreadsheets.


saMgr processes and updates your information immediately.


Data is available to multiple users in real time.


Detail Schedules


Track Material and Labor such as Saw-Cuting or Concrete thickness.


Assign Multiple Customers and Agents to Parcels


Auto Calculates Payments


Auto Calculates Quotes to Customers


Bill Customers for anything:


Special Assessments, Special Charges, Miscellaneous Charges, Recurring ChargesP


New charges are immediately available to all users


No more lost charges


Report Projected Future Revenues


View Projected Revenue for the life of all Projects

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